TinyURL Creator

So you ask what’s the big deal about this extension? Simply put it adds ‘Create TinyURL for this Page’ to the context menu. When you select this option a small pop-up window opens giving the TinyURL which is automagically copied to the clipboard and the option to Goto the URL, Save It or Close the window. It also adds its own menu into the Tools Menu.

In a nut shell, no having to copy the page address, switching over to TinyURL, pasting the address, copying the TinyURL and switching back to paste the TinyURL. The TinyURL Creator works with Firefox 1.0-2.0 (haven’t tried to force it in Grand Paradiso/Minefield yet).

3 Comments on TinyURL Creator

  1. didja forget the url? 🙂


  2. @Peter. Thanks, the link got removed when I did some final editing, it is there now!

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