200 Extensions!!! Was he crazy?!

Our buddy Ryan at CyberNet News has way too much time on his hands which why we suspected something was up when he wasn’t posting much on the blog or the discussion forum on Tuesday. Well we learned today what he was up to, a little experiment he called Firefox 200. Ryan went through the Mozilla Extension (Firefox Add-Ons) page and installed the top 200 extensions. His article has several screenshots including the extensions list, toolbars and the Firefox ‘Tools’ menu. Surprisingly his Firefox stood up fairly well to his ‘extensions hurricane’.

Warning: If you want to “try this at home” create a NEW profile.

News Source: CyberNet News

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2 Comments on 200 Extensions!!! Was he crazy?!

  1. I love the warning. 🙂

    And if anyone does decide to try this at home I highly recommend installing all of the extensions at once and then restarting…otherwise it will get quite frustrating as you try to continuously restart. 😉

  2. Now I have something to show my friends when they say that my 32 extensions are too many!

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