Firefox 3.0a1 – A Tiny Milestone

I have had a few folks ask, “So Guru, what’s new with Firefox 3?” To be honest not a lot, there are a couple minor changes such as Advanced Microsummaries, Acid 2 Compliant and is being built on Gecko 1.9. However, I really couldn’t think of anything else. There is good reason for this, according to Mozilla Links:

Firefox 3 Alpha 1 is also in Release Candidate status and expected in the next 2-3 weeks. It won’t feature any of the improvements expected for Firefox 3 like Places, the integrated bookmarks and history management interface, the Cairo graphics engine, not to mention anything from the long brainstorming list. It is mainly a renamed trunk (Firefox’s main development code) build.

So really it more about changing the name from Minefield to Grand Paradiso. I really don’t know much about the Cairo Graphics (rendering) engine and Places well that was suppose to be the big ‘selling point’ of Firefox 2. Now I am beginning to wonder if it will even make it to Firefox 3. Perhaps it will be in the future Firefox 4.