In Memoriam: James Kim (1971-2006)

I had first learned of the news about the Kim family being missing in Oregon from a posting on Mozilla Links shortly after the family went missing on November 29th. I had also had heard about this on the local news, although I didn’t connect the two stories since the local media never mentioned he was a CNet Editor. On Tuesday, December 5th there was renewed hope as his wife and two daughters were found alive and well, however James was still missing. Sadly on Wednesday, December 6th, searchers found the body of James Kim in a rugged wilderness area in southern Oregon.

CNet’s Greg Sandoval, has put together a very touching tribute:
James Kim–family man, gadget fan.

Note: The CNet site is getting a lot of traffic right now which may cause the above link to load very slowly or to time out.

UPDATE: If you would like to help out the Kim family through a monetary donation or gift (CNet will accept gifts on behalf of the Kim family) please go here.

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