I have heard many folks do not like the inline spellcheck feature with Firefox 2 (personally I cain’t use Firefox without it). Many people like the ‘classic’ Spellbound which would allow you to check spelling when you wanted to in a separate window. While it may be possible (with a lot of work-arounds) to get the ‘classic’ Spellbound to work with Firefox 2, there is a simpler solution…Spellbound-II, a resurrection of sorts of the classic Spellbound 0.7.3 extension. This is from the same developer who created the new ChromEdit Plus


  1. Extension only supports the en-US dictionary
  2. Remove ALL prior version of SpellBound BEFORE installing
  3. Extension removes ‘Spell check this field’ and replaces with ‘Check Spelling’ option
  4. You can still have the functionality of the inline spellcheck by making a tweak in about:config. The extension may change the value for layout.spellcheckDefault to 0. Changing this value to 2 will restore the inline spellcheck. However as stated in #3 it will change the context menu.

Get SpellBound-II Firefox 2 ONLY

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  1. Spellbound II is now located at http://forum.addonsmirror.net/index.php?showtopic=6294 – The author has abandoned it after modifying it from the original Spellbound SourceForge project.

    I currently have it running perfectly in Fx 3 RC. It needs a Maxversion bump, which I shall be modifying to add to the hosted version here in the near future.

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