Thunderbird Released

Today Mozilla has released three major updates (postponed from December 14th):

  • Firefox, likely to be the last release on the 1.5 builds. Remember, all support for the 1.5 builds will end on April 24, 2007.
  • Firefox, 183 bug fixes including (but not limited too): Crashes (42), Memory Leaks (3), Regressions (41) and Privacy Related (4).
  • Thunderbird, 7 bug fixes* including: Build Configuration (2), Functionality (2), Spellchecker (1), Mac-specific (1) and Miscellaneous (1)

Auto-updates should start kicking in later this evening. If you want to update sooner visit (note: at time of press, Mozilla has not yet updated the main page to download the new version) or visit CyberNet and use their simple download tool, simply select your language and click the button for your OS.

* Bug fix list may not be all inclusive. Updates (if any) will be posted once the official release notes for Thunderbird are posted.

News Sources: CyberNet News & The Rumbling Edge