Another New Look

Once again I have changed the Blog’s theme and layout. This new theme is called Garland and also a three column design, but the content in is the center. Since this theme allows me to choose my own colors I had a chance to try out a cool color scheme finder. Ryan at CyberNet used this site: HTML Colour Code Combination Chooser, when he redid the CyberNet Blog around Thanksgiving. Couple other minor changes, the About The Guru and Disclaimer links are now in the header and some of the Feature Links graphics had to be changed due to size issues.

6 Comments on Another New Look

  1. Great, nice color scheme! 8)

  2. Very nice, I like it! 🙂

  3. I really like it as well. I think everything flows very smoothly and the liquid content area in the middle is really nice.

  4. Now THIS is a real winner. Most excellent!

  5. The layout is okay. What really makes the blog look amateurish is the size of the buttons down the right column.

  6. Sumit, agreed! There huaaaaage!!!!

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