More Blog Changes & FileZilla

Thanks to everyone who has commented about the new theme and layout. Based on these comments I have made a couple more tweaks. The old ‘Featured Links’ section use to have ‘buttons’ for all the browsers and some of the blogs. People commented those did not look so great with the rest of the blog. Well, I have to agree the ‘buttons’ were all different sizes and just too big. I have removed all the linked images. Also recategorized the ‘Featured Links’ into either ‘Blogs’ or ‘Internet & Browsers’.

I have also added a link to FileZilla, a fast and reliable (and free) FTP client and server from At this time it appears FileZilla is only available for Windows, they do not support Mac or UNIX. I started using it a couple weeks back when I was redoing some of my websites and was finding FireFTP (Firefox extension) not working to my liking. It is a separate application not an add-on for Firefox so even if you are using Internet Exploiter, Netscape, Opera or any other browser you can still use this application.

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  1. nice job. This looks really good now!!!!

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