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I had mentioned earlier that Mozilla had not updated the getfirefox.com page with the latest builds. Well, I just checked a few minutes ago and Mozilla has finally updated getfirefox.com with Firefox and builds. I tried the auto-update earlier but it was not working on my (or was it build. This may have been caused by an issue on my end as I don’t think the build ever installed correctly. I had just gone ahead and manually download and installed over whatever build I had previously in that folder.

News Source: CyberNet.

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  1. …and my “Minefield” nightly build is now reporting as version 3.0a2pre. Current build version is listed as 2006121904.

    The ftp download page for the nightlies is listing it there, quite clearly… http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk-l10n/

    Does this mean a Gran Paradiso 3.0 Alpha 2 release will be rolled out soon?

    (Like the new template, BTW….)

  2. Not really sure, I noticed the nightly for 2.0 is coming as I haven’t really been following the Minefield/Gran Paradiso build that much right now.

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