An Update on Major Update

Skimming through the notes from yesterdays Mozilla Weekly Update meeting I did notice a brief mention on the Major Update feature:

“Major update still scheduled for 1-2 weeks after the release of”

As it stands now the tentative release date for the builds is February 15th. However, given the difficulties in getting this release out, chances are this will end up being pushed back. There are still two major bugs blocking these releases. The developers had hoped to have these bugs fixed by last Thursday (02/01/07) so the RC could be released later that week. Then that was pushed out to yesterday so the RC1 could be released tonight. However, last week there were 3 major bugs, so they did get one fixed! We should have a better idea after next Monday’s Weekly Updates meeting. But nonetheless, there will be a Major Update from 1.5.0.X to 2.0.0.X!