Fx & Released

After several delays Mozilla surprised us today and released Firefox and! You likely will not be presented with an update offer or via the Help >> Check for updates option until tomorrow. If you want to upgrade now, follow the links below to get Firefox directly from the download sites. Also see below for release notes. Thunderbird has NOT been released yet, should know more about TB after next Monday’s Mozilla Weekly Update meeting.

Fx 1.5.0.X Users: Be advised support for these builds is ending in about 2 months (April 24th). Also, in the next 2-3 weeks you may be offered the Major Update to take you from directly to the build.

Windows Vista Users: Firefox offers improved Vista support by fixing these bugs:

  • Automatic Updates now works with users who have limited account privilege and User Account Control (UAC) enabled.
  • Uses the Vista Default Application API which means Firefox should now be able to set itself as the default browser without having to be run as an administrator.
  • Before Firefox would remain elevated (a.k.a. running as an administrator) after an update was performed, but that has been fixed.

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Release Notes

News Source: CyberNet News