Fx Add-ons Overhaul Pt 4.5

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“The best laid plans of mice and men are usually about equal.” — Blair

Still more troubles trying to get the AMO done. The latest (2007/02/22) from the Mozilla Webdev Blog:

“As morgamic wrote on Friday, the Remora team have all had a long 9 days trying to get the new version of AMO out the door and make all its improvements available to our users. As we discovered to our chagrin, our performance testing on the stage environment did not really map well into real-world results, and the result was unacceptable load on the app cluster — unacceptable to the extent that pretty much everything that was sharing that database was killed by it, in fact.

It’s embarrassing and frustrating to miss deadlines (as I know from very extensive experience!), and painful to not be able to put your hard work out into the world where it can help people. The entire Remora team has been working almost literally around the clock for the last few weeks, and very hard for half a year before that, and we would like nothing in the world more than to deliver it to the world.

Well, one thing in the world that we’d like more: to be confident when we release it that it’s up to the daunting task of representing add-ons to many, many millions of Firefox users, and that it’ll be a release that we’re appropriately proud of. We’d rather be late than damage the world’s impression of Mozilla or add-ons, and we’d be doing a disservice to the exact users we’re working to help if we were to push it out before we were confident it was ready.”

So at this point it appears it is gong to be sometime still before the new (and improved?) Mozilla Add-ons site is ready. Now I suppose this may a be moot point right now, but I have noticed they have still not incorporate the “advanced search” functionality to the (preview) new add-ons site.