Weekly Update 2007-02-26

Lots of news (mostly good) from today’s Weekly Update Meeting.

  • Fx & released on Thursday, February 22nd

    • Some users are not able to upgrade due to read-only file issues. You may need to download Fx from getfirefox.com in order to upgrade.
    • Users on modified builds are also having issues going to as well. Mozilla is working on this and plans to have a fix out ASAP.
  • Major Update now slated for may be mid/late March due to Vista integration issues. Also, testing now needs to be done for to
  • Thunderbird is still scheduled for release this Thursday, March 1st
  • Thunderbird 2.0 deadline pushed back to March 6th also due to Vista integration issues. Likely looking at end of March for final release.
  • Sunbird/Lightning 0.3.1 was released on February 19th. This maintenance release is to handle the change for US daylight savings time (starts March 11th this year).

News Source: Mozilla Wiki >> WeeklyUpdates