Mr. Tech’s Link Wrapper

This is a very useful extension in instances where you have a long link (which you don’t want to shorten) and limited space such as within tables, forums and blogs. Firefox won’t wrap links so you end up having to scroll horizontally or in the case of my blog, links in the comments occasionally run into neighboring sidebar. The extension will automatically wraps the link on to a second (or more) line without breaking the link.

Before installing this extension visit the test page and then again after installing the extension to see how it works.

Note: There is a “lite” version which is much smaller (6K) and does not have an options menu. I also discovered the “lite” version will break the WordPress Editor. I installed the full version and was going to disable wrapping while in the editor, but discovered the full version did not cause any issues.

Mr Tech’s Link Wrapper works with Fx 1.5.0.X, Fx 2.0.0.x and Fx 3.0a1 (can be force to work 3.0.a2 & 3.0.a3pre via about:config change extensions.checkCompatibility to false) and is about 29K.