Weekly Update 2007-03-05

Sorry this is so late, currently working on a new project with my web design business. Anyway, some big and interesting news from today’s Weekly Update Meeting:

  • The developers are still working on plans for Major Update. Looks like they won’t be doing > as planned (see next item).
  • Due to a small number of serious regressions there are going to be a Fx & releases. Code freeze is set for Tuesday night. I am guessing these will be released next Tuesday (2007/03/13). See Mozilla Developers Center for more details.
  • Fx & releases therefore will be the next will be the next regular security/stability releases.
  • Thunderbird was released on Thursday, March 1st
  • Thunderbird 2.0 code freeze deadline still set for March 6th. Still no release date, but likely looking at end of March for final release.
  • REMINDER: Sunbird/Lightning 0.3.1 was released on February 19th. This maintenance release is to handle the change for US daylight savings time (starts March 11th this year).

News Source: Mozilla Wiki >> WeeklyUpdates

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