Fx 3 2007/03/06 Update

Very little to report out of today’s Firefox 3 status meeting. The latest news on Places is expect to see something (may not be fully functional) shipped with the Alpha 4 build the end of this month. Okay so this week they are saying Alpha 4 by the end of the month. But wait…last I looked Fx3/Gecko1.9 are only on Alpha 2 right now.

Okay I’m confused. So now I am wondering just when is Alpha 3 going to ship? I would expect this might be discussed in tomorrow’s Gecko 1.9 status meeting. Then I noticed something when I was checking the notes for today’s Fx 3 status meeting, the agenda for tomorrows Gecko 1.9 meeting is already posted. Taking a look at the agenda the first item under Gecko 1.9 Alpha 3 Status is “2 more weeks!” Interesting that would place Alpha 3 somewhere in the neighborhood of the 20th/21st. Then there is suppose to be an Alpha 4 at the end of the month?!

This does sort of make sense if Alpha 3 is just going to be everything that has been planed (less Places) so for that milestone. Whereas Alpha 4 is just going to for the bookmarks on Places. A bit of different way of doing the releases, but this is somewhat similar to the upcoming “patch” builds due out very soon.
News Source:Firefox 3/StatusMeeting & Gecko 1.9/StatusMeeting

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  1. Maybe they mean that Places will be included in nightly builds by the end of the month and included in alpha 4, when it is released, probably about 6-8 weeks after alpha 3.

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