Update: Fx Add-ons Overhaul

Some how I missed posting this info last week. Here is the latest on the Fx Add-ons site overhaul via Mozilla Webdev blog:

  • March 5 – Migrate the add-ons database and update preview.addons.mozilla.org
  • March 5-12 – Community testing of preview.addons.mozilla.org, ongoing bug fixing and polishing
  • March 12-15 – Final bug fixes and adjustments based on community testing and feedback
  • March 15 – Deployment of new addons.mozilla.org

So in theory we could be see the new, improved and overhauled Fx Add-ons site later this week. I took a look at the “preview” site earlier and noticed the performance has improved. However I see it still lacking the “advanced search” feature many users are going to want.