Weekly Update 2007-03-12

I would have thought there was going to be some news about the upcoming Fx/TB & Fx builds in today’s update meeting. Strange though there is not, there is section in the agenda for this topic, but nothing there. I’ll check tomorrow and see if they have updated the notes.

Meanwhile, TB 2.0 code freeze has gone as planned with another “RC” community test day planned for this Friday.

One last thing not sure what was going on this past weekend but there were not nightly builds form Fx or TB 2.0 on Saturday or Sunday. But I just checked today and there are 20070312 nightlies for both Fx & TB.

3 Comments on Weekly Update 2007-03-12

  1. I’m thinking Thunderbird 2 is getting close to release since they are about to post a release candidate build.

  2. I hope they don’t release TB 2.0 pre-maturely, but make sure that version 2 is FAST.

    This is because — if you search google for — you’ll see that OL2007 is a real dog, in terms of speed.

    Hence, if TB 2.0 can offer speed, plus calendar and to-do functions, it could hopefully gain marketshare by capitalizing on OL 2007’s poor performance.

  3. p/s I meant search google for — Outlook 2007 slow

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