Fx 3.0a3/Gecko 1.9a3???

A couple weeks ago during the Fx 3 2007/03/06 Update, it was mentioned that Fx 3.0a3/Gecko 1.9a3 was being targeted for March 20th. Doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Actually, the 20th is really and odd date when you consider it falls on a Tuesday this month and that is the day Mozilla holds the Fx 3 status meetings. Further reviewing last weeks Fx 3 Status and the Gecko 1.9a3 Meeting notes I saw no mention of a release date. The only thing I did see was a couple patches, one of those was for the memory leak regressions and that was planned for Friday (March 16th). The next Fx 3 meeting is tomorrow (March 20th), so may be then there will be new info as to when Alpha 3 will be released.