Fx & Due 03/20

Note: Fx are security updates which include fixes for six major issues including the Password Manger Vulnerability bug. 

As mentioned earlier today in the Weekly Update 2007-03-19 post, Fx & RC’s were pushed out to users on the “Beta” (update) channel last week. Everything has gone well with these release thus far so Mozilla plans on making the final releases on Tuesday (03/20). They plan to go live with Fx & around 4:00 PM Pacific (7:00 PM Eastern) which means this is when getfirefox.com will be updated to show the most recent version as the build as well as the all-older link reflects

However, these builds may be placed out on the FTP server earlier in the day. While these may be the “final builds” it is best to wait until it has been updated on getfirefox.com or the all-older sections. Further if you are on the “release” (update) channel, you likely won’t be offered an upgrade until may be Wednesday or Thursday. The delay in the auto-update is done to prevent users from experiencing errors due to high traffic on the servers while trying to obtain the update.

Also, as is standard practice (why I am not sure) Release Notes are usually published the following day (in this case Wednesday, March 21st). However, once you have successfully installed the update you should (never seems to work on the nightlies) get a What’s New Page when they restart Firefox after installing the update.

One final note, tomorrow’s release only applies to Firefox. There will not be a Thunderbird (there will be a TB in the coming weeks) release.