Weekly Update 2007-03-19

Big news from today’s Weekly Update meeting:

  • Fx & – A release candidate (RC) was pushed out to users who were on the ‘Beta’ update channel last week. These users had downloaded a ‘Beta’ version of Firefox 2 in the past. The reports from these users have been good so far. So, if all goes as planned, Fx & will be released tomorrow afternoon/evening (around 4:00 PM Pacific/7:00 PM Eastern).
  • Fx/TB & Fx – Development has begun and should know more about the release schedule by next week’s meeting. These will be the next regular security/stability releases.
  • Fx 3.0a3/Gecko 1.9a3 – Fx 3 and Gecko 1.9 meetings are Tuesday and Wednesday (in that order).
  • Thunderbird 2 – Building of an RC is set to begin this Wednesday, not sure when this will be released or if it too will be pushed out over the ‘Beta’ channel.

Info Source: Mozilla Weekly Update

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