AOM (was) Launched

Apparently late last night Mozilla launched the new Add-Ons Manager (AOM) site or at least that is what Ryan at CyberNet News is saying. For reasons unknown at this time it seems Mozilla has reverted back to the original AOM. Of course there are several theories as to why this may have happened from missing add-ons, broken links and issues with the sandbox (the place where unapproved extensions are kept). So it looks like we will have to wait a little longer for the new and (some what) improved AOM site.

Source: CyberNet News

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  1. Hi Fx Extension Guru!

    Here are some bits for you. Please forgive me as I am ripping directly from a comment post I just made over on Ryan’s CyberNet blog…it’s late and I need to go to bed. I do hope you find it as interesting as I did…if you haven’t already uncovered these bits…

    More good and detailed nuggets of info on what’s going on with the Add-on switcheroo as well as a more “formal” presentation of the Sandbox concepts:

    AMO Site Updated, Rolled Back -via Mozilla Webdev blog.

    AMO was updated on Thursday, March 22nd around 8pm. Overnight, we watched the web infrastructure to ensure that AMO could withstand peak load times, but this morning near peak time cluster load levels became too high and we were forced to rollback yet again to prevent affecting other critical applications.

    Reviewing, the Sandbox, and “missing” add-ons -via Mozilla Webdev blog.

    The goals of the sandbox system, distilled down to the shortest version I can manage, are:
    1. Assist developers and site administrators in making sure that the users of AMO have great experiences with great add-ons.
    2. Expand the review system to allow participation from a much wider cross-section of the Mozilla community.


    So we now have the sandbox, and as you’ve already read it’s where add-ons start their lives. We chose a threshold to start with to seed the public site, and we expect and hope that users of add-ons that they feel belong in the public side of AMO will write informative reviews and help the AMO editors find those gems that we — I, if you want to point a finger more closely — didn’t have in the public site on day 1.

    Over time, I expect that we will make the sandbox more visible to new users, as we learn more about how to balance the need to protect unwitting users from add-ons that have not been tested with the desire to match more users up with “niche” add-ons or up-and-coming experiments. We’re already looking, based on just the pre-release feedback, at making direct links to non-public add-ons work with appropriate caveats and warnings. (They would still be hidden from search and browsing.)

    I guess this helps explain why it was so difficult to find out how to get into the Sandbox area to begin with during the final/not-so-fast/revert-back-quick! Add-ons rollout period Thurs/Fri.

    Finally, the new Add-on/Sandbox concept and processes are well described in a detailed Add-ons policy page.

    Hopefully most Add-ons developers already know this stuff by now 😉 but if not it would be good for them to review….as well as those of us baser-souls who hunt Add-ons.

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