All Pre-Existing Add-ons Public Again

I had mentioned in New AOM & The Sandbox some of the pre-existing add-ons (such as Resizeable Textarea) had been in placed in the sandbox. This was causing users to get an “Add-on not found!” message when they tried to follow a link to an existing add-on that was in the sandbox. Based on user feedback this has changed:

All add-ons that were public in AMO prior to Remora’s launch this weekend should now be publicly available on AMO again.

News Source: Mozilla Webdev

1 Comment on All Pre-Existing Add-ons Public Again

  1. Still looks broken to me…here is an extension in the sandbox:

    If you click on that you will still receive the error. Once they do fix it I’ll be very happy, but right now I think we have a lot of “broken” links on our site. 🙁

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