Weekly Update 2007-04-02

Welcome to the first Weekly Update for the month of April. There’s lots of exciting news from today’s meeting:

  • Fx Partner Builds – Includes Yahoo, Kodak, Fujitsu-Siemens, Packard Bell, Google, Seznamd and T-Online nearing completion to already delivered.
  • Major Update (Fx -> 2.0.03) – testing is to start this week
  • TB 2.0 RC1 – Coming Soon, possibly by the end of the week
  • Fx3Updated Milestone Schedule: Alpha 4 end of April, Alpha 5 end of May, Alpha 6 end of June, Beta 1 end of July and Beta 2 end of September 2007.

Earlier today I received a comment on the Upcoming Releases Page from Waiter inquiring on the progress of Thunderbird 2. I did noticed on the page I still had TB 2.0 Final as late March 2007. I haven’t seen an official release date and even the Roadmap, doesn’t say much. Lots depends on the success of the RC1 Milestone later this week. If all goes well then there is a good chance we could see TB 2 by the end of this month.

See complete Meeting Notes for all the details.

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