We Made Blog of the Minute!

I was looking at my blog stats last night and was noticing that they were a bit high (not that I am complaining) for a Sunday evening. Then I noticed my top referrer was wordpress.com. Well that is odd and at the same time interesting. So I clicked the link as was taken to the main WordPress.com page and there it was:

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The feature was on the Red Pandas in the News story. So it does looks like this did bring quite a bit of traffic to the Blog, but that could also be related to our story on the new Google TiSP (Beta) Free Broadband Service. Either way, nice to see an increase in traffic and to be featured on the WordPress.com home page!

2 Comments on We Made Blog of the Minute!

  1. Congratulations! Now it says “Blog of the minute” but does it change every minute or is it up for awhile?

  2. COOL. Congrats!

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