Firefox 4 Tag Added

While I may not be posting much about Firefox 4 for a few more months (after Fx 3 is released), I have gone ahead and added a Firefox 4 tag. It is likely to be released around the same time IE8 comes out (sort like the IE7 vs Fx 2 this past fall). Here are some details about Fx 4 from my Firefox Year in Review post (which is located in the Popular Posts section):

Firefox 4, is going to based on the Gecko 2 platform which is going to be quite different than the past Geckos. It will also incorporate JavaScript 2.0 or Project Tamarin. As to when work would being on these builds is anyone’s guess at this point. I have searched all over trying to find a Firefox 4 road map (I had hard enough time finding the Firefox 3 road map). My best guesstimate is going to be possibly around the time Mozilla end support on the 1.5.0.X builds. If we follow the same development “pattern” as we have seen with 2.0 (released in November) and 3.0 (estimated release in November), there could be a Firefox 4a1 around the same Firefox 3 is officially released. A finished Firefox 4 product is not expected until late 2008.

I have yet to located the code names/project names for either Fx 4 or Gecko 2. If anyone has this info let me know.

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  1. rioting_pacifist | September 2, 2008 at 6:13 PM |

    please keep us updated if you find a FF4 roadmap. I really hope that they hold ff4 back and add processes per tab. without adding that firefox will just fall futher and futher behind the alternative browsers

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