Microsoft Accusing Google of Antitrust!

Last weekend Google announced they were going to acquire online advertiser DoubleClick for a mere $3.1 billion. Also in the race to try and acquire DoubleClick was Microsoft. What could only be described as ironic, Microsoft along with AT&T are crying “Antitrust”. According to The New York Times

Microsoft is claiming that the deal would “hurt competition in the fast-growing market for advertising on the Web and raise questions about how much personal information would be collected by Google.”

Microsoft is usually the target of these antitrust battles, and now they find themselves on the other side. AT&T is already saying that antritrust [sic] authorities really need to take a look at this deal, and Microsoft is saying that if this deal goes through, Google would be master of 85 percent of the market for ad distributing and they need to be stopped.

Granted Microsoft has plenty of experience with antitrust suits, except they are usually the one’s being accused. Seems Google has a bit of a problem with all this money burning holes in their pockets. They’ve been involved in several mergers over the past few months including YouTube back in October.

News Source: CyberNet News

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  1. I think you’ll find it’s actually $3.1 billion!

  2. Any Thoughts?

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  3. @webmasterbyname, yep your are correct and that is what I meant to put, that’s what I get for proofing while half asleep. Thanks, I made the correction.

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