TBird 2 is Released!!!

Okay it is official per mozillaZine, Thunderbird 2 has been released!

Scott MacGregor of Team Thunderbird writes in with news of the release of Mozilla Thunderbird 2: “Thunderbird 2 is now available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux in over 35 languages. Thunderbird 2 offers easy ways to manage and organize your email with message tags, advanced folder views, message history navigation, find as you type, and improved new mail alert notifications. Thunderbird 2 also includes a refreshed user interface and support for Microsoft Vista.

“Thunderbird 1.5.0.x users will be offered Thunderbird 2 via software update at a later date. Those wishing to upgrade now are therefore advised to download and install Thunderbird 2 manually.

Just a quick run-down of some the new features with Thunderbird 2:

  • Visual Refresh (new look and feel)
  • Message Tags
  • Message History Navigation
  • Improved New Mail Notification

    • Clickable alert slider like Outlook contains senders name & subject as well as some message text
    • Hoover on a folder with new messages for pop-up with senders name & subject as well as some message text
  • Improved Search (find as you type via CTRL-F)
  • Saved Searches
  • Easy Access to Popular Webmail Services such as Gmail
  • and more…

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  1. I was so looking forward to TB2, but upon installation, the menus in TB2 don’t work, i.e. when I click the word FILE, EDIT, etc, the word is visually-depressed, but the menu does not pop down.

    Q. generally, how many weeks/months after a major milestone release would we expect to see the first dot-release?

  2. p/s
    The Bugzilla team clarified that the fault was due to the theme I was using. When TB2 runs in safe mode, without the theme, there is no problem. Hence, you could delete this and the above post if you like.

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