More About Ubuntu

The other night when I did the entry, New Tag: Ubuntu I had planned on adding more details but never got around to this. Today, MagnoliaSouth posted this comment on this entry:

If you do begin trying Ubuntu, are you planning on writing details about your experience with it? I’d be very interested to follow a series such as that. I am so not a programmer and don’t know much about that kind of stuff, but if Ubuntu works well and is compatible with the software/hardware I use, I might consider a switch.

First off, yes I do plan on writing the details about my experience with it. This was my reasoning for creating the tag. I have had quite a discussion over at the CyberNet Forums asking several Questions as I am getting ready to make the switch. Before I go into more details on my “plans” I would suggest checking out the CyberNet Forum’s sub-board about Ubuntu. There are nearly a dozen topics ranging from Installing Ubuntu to Getting iTunes 6 to work in Ubuntu to Evolution (e-mail client) to using the LiveCD. You do not need to register to read, but doing so will allow you to participate and also provides you with an ad-free experience.

Prior to Sunday night I had planned on purchasing another hard drive around 80 GB. This drive was going to serve two purposes, one it would have Ubuntu and it would also be a much needed additional storage since my 30 GB (27 GB as reported by Windows XP) is nearly to capacity. However, everything changed when Old Man Death offered me a couple hard drives he was no longer using. These drives are 160 GB and 120 GB. I decided I am going to use the 120 GB one for Ubuntu and the 160 GB I will use for the additional storage (my massive MP3 collection, videos, photos and other data will be stored on this drive).

One thing to remember about Ubuntu is it includes (along with lots of other FREE applications) Firefox and in the distribution. However, I also will be adding Firefox 3 Alpha 4. I am going to likely use this build as my primary browser while on Ubuntu. This will give me a chance to see how different (or not) the Linux builds of Firefox are compared to the Win32 builds.

The drives should be here in the next couple days and I should be able to get them installed this weekend. The fun part is going to be getting them installed. I have the room but not the connections as I already have 4 IDE devices already connected. However, these include a ZIP Drive which I haven’t used in ages as well as a regular CD ROM drive which I don’t need since I have a CD-RW drive. So once I disconnect those two I will be able to connect the hard drives. I suppose if I need that other CD Drive bad enough I could install an IDE controller card which would allow me to connect another 4 IDE devices. Highly unlikely given the only time I am using my CD drives now is to burn a CD.

Look for more Ubuntu posts sometime next week.