Win Vista Stunning Feature

Here’s a photo taken at a Best Buy store of one the new “Stunning. Breakthrough. Entertaining.” features of Windows Vista:

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Makes me want to rush right out and purchase Windows Vista…NOT!

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4 Comments on Win Vista Stunning Feature

  1. these were funny in 1995.. even then they were old, throwbacks to the good old days of amiga guru meditations.

  2. Hehehe

    Vista sucks that’s a fact, i had to have it with a newly purchased computer and i’m now seriously thinking of giving up windows definately.

    The most amazing feature is maybe the fact that it can make my new sata fast hardrive slower than my old usb 1 hard drive 🙂

  3. That is so funny. 😀
    Screw you Vista!

  4. I like that!

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