Weekly Update 2007-05-14

Fx/TB  – Fx & TB updates are almost completed and testing should begin soon. More problems for Fx require another re-spin to RC3.  “Final release date might be pushed by a few days”. If that happens it could mean the release could be pushed back to May 25th or 30th (28th is Memorial Day).  The final release for the Fx 1.5.0.X builds ideally were suppose to be out by April 24th (six months from when Fx 2.0 was released).

TB3– volunteers wanted to help with the 2007 Mailnews Code Roundup in preparation for moving mailnews to use frozen linkage.

Gecko 1.9 –   Cocoa Migration: Blocker Bashathon: 8 Blockers Eliminated last week, 35 remaining.

Fx 3.0 Alpha 5 – Alpha 5 release still planned for May 31st.  Only 6 blockes remain to getting Places on to the trunk.  New password manager being review for landing on trunk.  New download manager waiting for reviews and migration tests.

Complete meeting notes.