Firefox 3.0a5pre in Ubuntu

Okay,  I’m back in Ubuntu now!  It turned out be as simple as disabling APIC in the BIOS.  I downloaded and unpacked (instead of installing) Firefox 3.0a5pre (Fx 3 nightly build).  Below are a couple of screen shots (click for full-size in new tab):

Firefox 3.0a5pre in Ubuntu (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9a5pre) Gecko/20070519 Minefield/3.0a5pre)
My Ubuntu Desktop. I am still using the default background.  Unlike Windows when your first install and run Ubuntu, your desktop is completely blank.  The only two items I have on there right now is the link to Fx 3.0a5pre as well as my WinXP Drive. Still trying to get it to read/access my ‘data’ drive so I can access all my music and some of the OpenOffice documents I have as well.  More screenshots to come in the future, meanwhile I am working on getting Fx 3.0apre setup to my liking.

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  1. I’m glad that you were able to solve your problem with Ubuntu! Have fun!

  2. You finally fixed Firefox! Congrats!

    If you are having trouble with read/write, try installing ntfs-3g. Guide at

  3. …and if you don’t like command line :

    software -> add/remove -> ([select ‘all software..’ on show]) -> search for ‘ntfs’. the first one shown (the only one) is the software you need (ntfs-3g).

    i did and is so easy (on edgy it was more difficult), and now it even detect the correct character set of my windows partition (i’m latin). just works.

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