The Real ‘Fake Steve Jobs’ is…

Forbes senior editor Daniel Lyons. This according to the New York Times earlier today. Here are examples of Daniel Lyons writings regarding the Windows Vista launch:

Daniel Lyons in Forbes: “Customers gripe about buying Microsoft’s new Vista operating system. But they’ll use it. … Microsoft says Vista is easier to manage and more secure than Windows XP. But, says John Halamka, chief information officer at Harvard Medical School and CareGroup Health System, Harvard’s affiliated group of hospitals: ‘Vista is also more complex, so it will probably add ten security features, but you’ll also get ten new security flaws. We’re going to wait a year.’ ”

Daniel Lyons as Fake Steve Jobs: “Frigtards everywhere will be using this crap. Rebooting, hanging, unplugging, pulling out batteries, screaming, swearing, killing viruses, reporting malfunctions to Microsoft. Some will actually love this experience. I weep for those people. … A little message to all you CIOs who are in New York and reading this before you go to bed tonight: Just remember, as you’re sitting there in the audience tomorrow, It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to take it. Call me. Let’s talk.”

I had heard about The Fake Steve Jobs in the past but never really read of any his works. The Someone got fired for this… entry I posted over the weekend was from his blog.

News Source: Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog