Weekly Update 2007-08-06

Here are the details of today’s Weekly Update meeting:

  • Fx/TBird – Fx released July 30th. TBird released August 2nd.
  • Fx Major Update: Major Update only upgrades to Fx 2.0.04, will need to do another upgrade to current 2.0.0.X build
  • TBird – Triage on-going no release date yet.
  • TBird Major Update (TBird > – Next in line for release with testing this week.
  • TBird 3 – The new and improved Humspell now on the trunk! TBird can now read the Mac OS X system address book.
  • Fx3: No Report
  • Gecko 1.9:

    • Alpha/M7 Released on August 3rd
    • M8 Code Freeze: Sept 5. (Approx 355 blockers remain with 99 of those targeted for M8).

Complete meeting notes.

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