Like I Said…

As am I preparing to start the Firefox Year in Review along with the Blog Year in Review posts, I came across an interesting prediction I made in my Open-Source Predictions For 2007 post:

(Ryan Wagner, CyberNet News)I don’t think most people are going to switch to Windows Vista until it comes pre-installed on their PC’s.”

I have to agree with Ryan here, the only way I will ever get Vista is if I buy a new PC with Vista pre-installed or if Mozilla were to stop support for WinXP (could happen with Firefox 4 in late 2008), but even in the case of the latter, I would just switch to Linux instead.

Well, Mozilla didn’t stop supporting Windows XP.  However on October 19th after an unsuccessful upgrade attempt on my XP system, I ended up purchasing a new PC which had Vista pre-installed.

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