Weekly Update 2007-11-26

Reminder: Due to Day Light Savings time ending and my work schedule, I am not be able to get the meeting notes posted until the following Tuesday.

Here’s an overview of this week’s Update Meeting:

  • Fx :
    • Target Ship Date: Monday – November 26th
      • Fixes the jar: protocol bugs
  • Fx3.0 m9/b1 – Released: Tuesday, November 20th
  • Fx 3.0/Gecko 1.9 Beta 2-
    • Code Freeze: December 7th
      • This date will make or break planned Beta 2 release by the end of the year
    • Places Organizer updates landed, history/tags/unfiled bookmarks
    • Endcaps are dead, long live minimal UI
    • Gathering feedback from B1
    • Autocomplete work upcoming (Seth) to aid discoverability/usefulness of the awesomebar
    • As of this meeting 429K downloads and we had around ~100k active users
    • Many positive reviews out there on the net
    • Survey from chip magazine indicates a number of people interested in switching to Firefox3: http://forum.chip.de/umfrage-woche/setzt-firefox-3-a-975171.html
  • Lightning/Sunbird (Calendar Project)No Report
  • TBird – Next planned possible release but no further details at this time
  • TBird – Released on November 14th
  • TBird -Dveditz and Abillings are examining issues but we do not expect to do a Thunderbird at this point.
  • TBird 3No Report

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