Blog Year in Review: July 2007

July was a big month for Thunderbird posts with new version and changes on the upcoming Thunderbird 3, add-ons plus major news involving Mozilla and Thunderbird:

  • Thunderbird’s Future – Mitchel Baker discusses the three possibilities for the future of Thunderbird
  • Mitchell Speaks Out – Mitchel’s responses to comments left on her blog in reference to her initial post about Thunderbird’s Future.
  • Thunderbird – A new and improved release on the Thunderbird 2.0.0.X branch
  • Desktop or Web Mail? – With the growing popularity of GMail and other online e-mail services, do people still prefer or even use desktop e-mail clients such as Thunderbird?
  • Installing Add-ons in TBird – Unlike Firefox installing add-ons in Thunderbird takes a little more work.
  • New Spell Check For TBird 3 – Many people disliked the spell checker in Thunderbird 1.5 and 2.0. Version 3 is going to incorporate a new spell check engine.
  • ThunderBrowser – An add-on which added a mini web browser in Thunderbird.
  • Netscape Mercury – Announced in June 2007, Mercury is going to be Netscape’s ‘version’ of Thunderbird.

Fortunately, the Firefox posts in July was a lot more upbeat with a couple add-on reviews, new features and release in the forthcoming Firefox 3 and release of a new 2.0.0.X build:

Much to everyone’s surprise, Facebook buys Parakey, a joint venture project by Firefox Founders Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. Then there is Microsoft coming up with even more innovated ways to not only invade your privacy and just generally annoy the end user with their Ad(ware) Patent. Netscape 9.0b2 was released in mid-July

You Want to Cancel AOL? Inspired by a discussion on the CyberNet Blog, the Guru reveals his not so pleasant dealings with AOL. iPhone Commercial Parody exposes some of the limitations of the newly released (and over-priced) Apple iPhone. Then there was the Web Crash 2007, our government doesn’t even have a back-up and “always meant to get around to making one. The nation of Nigeria experience a full economic collapse as a result of the crash. Tip: Be sure to watch this video at least a couple times and pay attention to the ticker at the bottom.

Finally, in July was the grand opening of The Guru’s New Web Site & Discussion Forum!

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