New! Thunderbird Status Meeting

Starting today, there will be a Thunderbird Status Meeting every Tuesday at 9:30 AM Pacific (12:30 PM Eastern). This week’s meeting is going to cover getting ready to go to Alpha 1 on Thunderbird 3 as well as calendar integration and which extensions should be come standard features. The complete (or at this time incomplete) notes of today’s meeting can be found here.

Source: David Ascher

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  1. One feature I REALLY REALLY wish they would add to Thunderbird is the ability to “CC” someone without also forwarding attachments. My assistant will send attached files to clients and CC me so I can see that the information went out, but I end up with the information, too and that’s meaningless since I already have it!

  2. @Paul — Hey, drop an email to David Ascher (, he is the new head of Mozilla Messaging and would be a good point-of-contact for Thunderbird improvement suggestions.

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