Firefox Released

While Mozilla has yet to make a grand announcement, I just checked and Firefox is listed as the most current version. However, it appear it has yet to be pushed out to the update channels. I fired up a ‘release’ (Firefox build of Firefox 2.0 and just tried a ‘check for updates’ only to be told no updates were found. Yet, this is actually normal as Mozilla can delay the release to the update channels for up to 48 hours. The releases notes have been published, but are partially incomplete (sort of). If you click on the link ‘security issues‘ within the release notes, the Known Vulnerabilities in Mozilla Products page on the site has not been updated yet for the Firefox build.

Edit: Mozilla Developers News has announced the release here. The security issues section on still has not been updated though.

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  1. I got my update through Firefox last night, it prompted me for it….

  2. Got it. No problems.

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