Get a Mac: Bad Vista reviews Misleading

The latest Get A Mac ad, Bad Vista reviews is a very misleading. The ad calls the banners ads about Vista which appear at the top “reviews”. Sadly, this is entirely untrue:

  • The “review” from PC Magazine: ‘It’s Time for a Vista Do-Over’ is actually the tile of the article. The article doesn’t really say that there is anything wrong with Vista, more that Microsoft needs to more work into their next operating system.
  • The”review” from C|Net: ‘Vista…one of the biggest blunders in technology’, was from an op-ed on why Microsoft should dump the OS completely.

News Source: CyberNet News

3 Comments on Get a Mac: Bad Vista reviews Misleading

  1. I have found Vista to be a really great piece of ingenuity. Like all new things some tweaking is needed but over all it does what is promised and more.

  2. Nevermind, got it!

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