Back in September it was announced The Firefox Extension Guru’s Home had become a .com. However, the hosting was still on the old ffextensionguru.info domain. Friday evening we switched the primary hosting over to the ffextensionguru.com domain and made .info an alias. Visitors will not notice anything different if they go to either domain as they are both the same. As it stands now, ffextensionguru.info will be going away in July 2011 and the original ffextensiongurublog.info domain in February 2010. To avoid confusion it is best to use http://ffextensionguru.com for The Firefox Extension Guru’s Home and http://blog.ffextensionguru.com for The Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog.

If you haven’t visited The Firefox Extension Guru’s Home in a while, please stop on by. The site has been redesigned and the Extension Reviews section has been updated. For those of you not familiar with the extensions review section, it lists links to all the extensions that have been reviewed on this blog over the last (almost) 2-years. Recently added to the home page is a quick reference to the current and upcoming releases (public & developmental) for Firefox and Thunderbird.

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  1. These post really make me wanna visit this site again and again ,furthermore its great site and very informative for newbie like me.

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