Microsoft/Yahoo: Deal or No Deal?

This past Saturday, April 26th was the deadline Microsoft had given Yahoo before they would go directly to the shareholders. This deadline was established via a follow-up letter from Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer to Yahoo on April 5th. On last Thursday, April 24th Microsoft finance chief Chris Liddell made comments to investors and then employees:

…another of the company’s options is to abandon the bid entirely. If no deal was reached by Saturday, the options are “to try to facilitate a transition, to possibly go directly to Yahoo shareholders. Or to walk away and go back to our original organic strategy,” he tells employees in an internal broadcast last week, according to a transcript filed with the SEC.

So now the deadline has passed and we wonder what is going to be Microsoft’s next move? More so given the above statements from Microsoft’s Liddell. A bit too early tell at this moment being it is still very early on the west coast. But this could prove to be a very interesting week, especially if Ballmer and Microsoft end up walking away from the whole bid.

Note: April 30th/May 1st mark the 90th day since Microsoft’s unsolicited offer for Yahoo back on January 31st.

News Source: Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog

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