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Within less than a week of the release of Chrome, comes a couple Firefox 3 Themes based on the new browser by Google. The first theme Chromifox features the sky blue colour scheme as well as the compact navigation bar (combined stop/reload buttons and no ‘Home’ button) while still preserving Firefox 3’s Bookmark Star. Also reproduces the same tab aspect and rounded menus as Chrome. Note: The title color bar is going to vary depending on your OS (Blue for Windows, Orange for Linux and Grey for Mac).


The other theme, Chrome Package is a very good reproduction of the entire Chrome layout. Still has the blue colour scheme, compact navigation bar, tab aspect and rounded menus as the Chromifox theme. However, this one moves the tab bar to the very top of the window.

Percy at Mozilla Links did find some issues with the Chrome Package theme:

There is one major drawback though: the tab bar is pretty much unusable. Scrolling with the mouse wheel over it has no effect, and you have to press the scroll buttons really slowly to produce any actual scroll.

As far as I am concerned this is not a drawback, I have the tab scrolling feature disabled. Also, reading the feedback on this theme at AMO, there are a couple more issues with this theme. First, there are no close tab buttons (you will need to right-click on the tab and select ‘Close Tab’) and in Vista if you maximize the browser it hides the taskbar (which is actually the same behaviour as Chrome).

Still, it is important to keep in mind these themes are first release. Given a little time, hopefully the theme developers will have a chance to make some modifications and improvements to these themes. Since these are first release, these themes are currently marked as experimental, you will need to have an AMO login in order to download. Don’t have an AMO login? You can use this one from CyberNet:

    Password: cybernetnews

News Source: Mozilla Links

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  1. About closing tabs I used to close tabs by scroll it is not a problem for me 🙂

  2. oi i just tested it closing tabs does work

    mph now i gota find that site in my history

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