I’m A PC

Phase 2 of Microsoft’s newest ad campaign (sans Jerry Seinfeld) is I’m A PC

Microsoft has entered a new phase of its $300 million Windows ad campaign. In a briefing this morning, the software maker said it’s releasing a 60-second commercial that seems designed to directly counter Apple’s popular PC-bashing Macintosh ads.

…Phase II of the commercial campaign omits comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who figured in the three commercials* making up Phase I, but Phase II’s first spot does feature a brief appearance by company co-founder and chairman Bill Gates.

I’m A PC: Pride

I’m A PC: I Am Not Alone

I’m A PC: Stereotype

At least these commercials make more sense than the Seinfeld-Gates Ads earlier this month. *Speaking of which there were three commercials, The Gates-Seinfeld Ad #2 was aired in two-parts.


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  1. Now THOSE were decent commercials.
    Great John Hodgman look-alike as PC! 🙂

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