Mozilla Project Weekly Status: 2008-10-13


AMO 4.0.2 – Status: Pending Code Freeze/Release


Fx & Fx 3.0.4/Gecko & – Status: In Triage

  • No Report
  • Schedule
    • Code freeze: October 24th @ 11:59 PM PDT
    • Builds start: October 28th
    • QA starts: October 29th
    • Release to beta channel: November 5th
    • Final Release: November 12th

Fx 3.1b1 (Shiretoko)/Gecko 1.9.1b1 – Status: Pending Release
  • New features (planned/in progress)
  • Major items of interest this week:
  • About to land nanojit2. Edwin Smith from Adobe is helping Graydon Hoare iron out issues so we can land their nanojit. A BIG thanks to Adobe for all their collaborative efforts here! For lots of technical details see the bug.
    • Will get us closer to JIT’ing regex in the future.
    • Will enable more perf wins specifically related to tracing.
  • mrbkap is working on optimistic script loading
    • For slow networks, this gives solid perf improvements with numbers being report as about a 19% win.
    • This is very important for mobile networks which are high-latency.
  • The team is testing Beta1. Running smoke tests, BFTs, bug fix verifications, etc. Blocker found: bug 459156 –  :zhCN beta 1 builds show different search plugins per OS filed. A respin of zhCN only will be made on 3 platforms. Found 10 other new bugs.
  • Feature testing:
    • Worker Threads – Waiting for API to be solidified before adding more tests [adam]
    • Acid3 – Started to write Test plan [tomcat]
    • Got review comments on border radius patch [ctalbert]
    • Got Review on CSS Transforms patch, need to address those comments [ctalbert]
    • Completed analysis on XHR. See test plan [ctalbert]
    • Ran Private Browsing Tryserver builds [marcia]
    • Added litmus test cases for location bar [stephend]
  • Progressing with Global 500 TopSite Testing for leaks, assertions and crashed [tomcat]
  • Litmus- Hand corrected 15 test cases. Worked with coop to fix bug 454248. That fixed 45 unclear test case!
  • 80 1.9.1 blockers
  • 284 wanted bugs

    • ?? P1s. These are bugs we feel would really, really make a good release if we had a solid handful completed.
    • ?? P2s. These are medium complexity bugs/changes that are nice to have.
    • ?? P3s. The lowest priority bugs for this release. These are the ones that we will definitely take, but the others take priority.
  • currently evaluating content for revised schedule
  • Schedule

    • Beta 1 Schedule

      • en-US string freeze is Thursday, Sept 26th at 11:59pm PDT
      • code freeze is Tuesday, Sept 30th at 11:59pm PDT
      • hand-off to builds: Tuesday, October 7th
      • release: October 14th
    • Beta 2 Schedule
      • en-US string freeze is Thursday, October 30th at 11:59pm PDT
      • code freeze is Tuesday, November 4th at 11:59pm PDT
      • front end beta 2 plan to be published for review & comment later tonight or tomorrow: private browsing, awesomebar improvements, plugin installation improvements


No Report


TBird -Status: Unknown

  • No Report
  • Schedule

    • Code freeze: TBD
    • Builds start: TBD
    • QA starts: TBD
    • Release to beta channel: TBD
    • Final Release: TBD

TBird 3.0a3 (Shredder) – Status: Pending Release

  • Moved back into ‘Alpha’ builds
  • Relabeled b1 to a3, because not enough user-changing stuff had landed
  • a3 currently in the release canal (build 3) – 28 locales!
  • thanks from the Tb folks to dbaron for fixing the moz-border-image bug, and to smichaud for fixing 426932.
  • expect more UI changes soon (tabs, search)
  • **we could really use some XUL/JS folks to help with UI work! **
  • Updated Master Release Schedule
  • Small number of blockers still remain
  • Beta Testing to begin this week
  • Current Schedule
    • String Freeze: September 16th
    • Code Freeze: September 23rd
    • Builds start: September 26th
    • QA starts: TBD
    • Release to beta channel: TBD
    • Final Release: October 14th

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