Windows Vista For SENIORS

Weighing in at hefty 400 pages is Windows Vista For SENIORS, For senior citizens who want to start using computers. Also in the series is Switching to Windows Vista For SENIORS and More Windows Vista for SENIORS. Yep, more! This next edition is slightly smaller at 352 pages.

I am not too sure if Windows Vista would be such a good idea for senior citizens who want to start using computers. Windows XP would seem simpler to use and can still be found on the ultra low-cost machines until June 2010. These machine would also be more suitable alternative for seniors both ease of usability (basic machine with internet/email access & MS Works) and financially.

See source link below for highlights of some of the content from Windows Vista for SENIORS

Source: Microsoft Blog

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  1. Captain Canuck | November 20, 2008 at 10:06 PM |

    y not just create a new linux distribution for seniors?
    so much simpler and reasonable than having to shit in your pants once the water runs dry and xp disappears.

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