Fx 3.1b2 coming early December

On Tuesday, November 25th, the build for Firefox 3.1b2 was handed off to QA for testing. Normally this process takes about 7-days for QA to sign-off on the builds. However, because of the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, the sign-off is not expect to happen until December 5th. So it looks as if we will have to wait a couple more weeks before Beta 2 is released. Good news is Mozilla is still target the final Firefox 3.1 release for 1st quarter 2009.

2 Comments on Fx 3.1b2 coming early December

  1. Great news and analysis!

    Oh well, I suppose I am going to be too busy this holiday weekend anyway to play with an updated browser.

    BTW..did you see that Chromium/Chrome finally got a Bookmarks manager?

    Google Chrome gains a bookmark manager – http://www.downloadsquad.com/2008/11/25/google-chrome-gains-a-bookmark-manager/

    Bout time…

  2. I need to update my version of Chrome. I still use it, mainly for PhotoBucket and when I need to be able to log into a site under multiple users.

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