A Message From The Guru

First off, a Happy Thanksgiving from The Guru.

This long weekend also marks the start of The Blog Year in Review 2008. Going to do this a little different this year as for formatting. Instead of doing 1-month per post as in the past, I am going to try and do 3-months per post. Here is a tentative release schedule (much like that of Firefox 2, 3 and 3.1 or that of any Mozilla project it is subject to change)…

  • January, February and March – November 30th
  • April, May and June – December 13th
  • July, August and September – December 27th
  • October, November and December – January 1st

1 Comment on A Message From The Guru

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, also!

    Just discovered a little something about the “Open All In Tabs” option that comes in VERY handy for me when I want to open the 20+ comics I read on Comics.com.

    All I have to do is highlight my Comics.com folder and click the scroll wheel and they are all opened.

    This is so much better than trying to click on the “Open All In Tabs” at the bottom when it is off my screen!

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