Release Recap: February Week 1

Just Released

  • Firefox 3.0.6 – February 3rd, 2009

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Future Release

  • AMO 4.0.5 – February 2009
  • Firefox 3.0.7 – March 3rd, 2009
  • Firefox 3.1b3 – February  2009
  • Thunderbird – March 2009
  • Shredder (Thunderbird) 3b2 – February 24th, 2009
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    1. I just installed FF 3.1b3pre 64-bit on my (also 64-bit) Intrepid system. It launches, but then crashes as soon as any action is taken, even opening another simple static page (eg Astronomy Picture of the day).

      You mentioned using this version regularly, so it’s obviously not crashing continuously for everyone. Is yours 64-bit? Do others have the same problem as me? Or is this maybe a bad install? should I try again?

      I just moved to 64-bit, and I’d dearly love to have 64-bit FF with that nice new 64-bit java plugin, but so far I keep bumping into roadblocks. Piffle!

    2. I am not using the 64-bit version. Almost sounds like a profile issue, but you are at least able to get it to launch. Have you tried with a fresh profile?

    3. I tried the fresh profile, but it wouldn’t ask which one to use before starting up. Starting it from the command line with the profile specified; same result. So I reinstalled from today’s nightly build, and made sure it was using the new profile when it first started. That seemed to help matters, but then I typed about:plugins into the URL and, presto, it crashed same as last time. (Now that it happened again, I realized that was the point at which the previous install developed the same problem.) What’s more, when I restart it, it behaves the same way: starts to come up and crashes.

      Very strange. I’ll go through the process again, and see if I can find which plugin is doing that. Java, I suspect.

    4. Nope. Not getting anywhere. I tried the regular FF (64-bit 3.06) and that crashed too, but the 32-bit 3.1b2 runs. Since the 64-bit versions are trying to use the experimental 64-bit java plugin ( I figured that had to be the culprit. so I tried just renaming it to make it inaccessible. The 3.06 seems okay after that, but the 3.1b3pre is still crashing within a few seconds of loading.

      Ah well. I’ll keep trying with new nightlies.

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