Mozilla Project Weekly Status: 2009-03-23



  • Firefox 3.0.8
    • Code froze a few hours late
    • QA is currently verifying bugs
    • On track for mid-April release
  • Firefox 3.0.9
    • Schedule forthcoming this week
    • Should have a good list of blockers later today
    • Will send email to blocker owners about targeted code freeze date
  • Fx 3.5b43 (Shiretoko) – Status: Pending Code Freeze
    • 11 blockers left, only 1 of which is complicated, several are just waiting to land
    • some possible UI opportunistic updates for Beta 4
    • this will be the first release with the new version number
    • current schedule:
      • string freeze was Thursday at 11:59pm PDT
      • code freeze Monday April 6th
      • release week of April 13th
  • Firefox 3.5 Beta 3
    • really solid, starting to gather feedback (seems positive)
    • already > 400,000 users
  • Reversioning to 3.5
    • we have reversioned!
    • any problems, please file bugs and cc Sam Sidler (:ss)


  • Gecko 1.9.1

    • Beta 4 progress: Down to 33 JS blockers per below. Note that several of these are actually fixed and are in the process of being marked as so.
    • Other areas are looking pretty good to wrap up blockers soon:
      • 9 final blocker bugs left in content. (14 last time)
      • 1 GFX final blockers. (Last week: 3)
      • 7 Layout final blockers. (Last week: 7)
      • 3 SVG final blockers.
      • JS with 33 blockers. (Last week: 40)
    • Triage needed. 27 noms are in the queue right now.
    • For weekly engineering meeting notes and other info see the Platform page.
    • 76 total 1.9.1 blockers (last week: 86).


  • TBird 3.0b3 (Shredder) – Status: In Progress
    • Tb 3.0b3 schedule is up; minor modifications in the next day or two are expected.
    • As an experimental attempt to reduce crash landings/feature misses at the end of the cycle, we’ve broken the remaining time up into 5 weekly milestones.

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